The two projects I identified are David Yen’s “Fantastic Elastic” and Sasj’s “Geometric Animations”.

Fantastic Elastic Video

Yen’s Fantastic Elastic (2017)

Yen’s work features a combination of processing, PBox2D, and Geomerative, where he creates a program that draws fritzy letters that react to user key input. The letters he creates also dance to the rhythm of the music. I really enjoy the fun nature of his work and would love to incorporate forms of user input in my own project. An interesting opportunity would be for them to play with color and orientation of letters more, which would have made for a more dynamic interaction.

Geometric Animation

Sasj’s Geometric Animation (2017)

Sasj is a dutch interaction visual designer that posts geometric animations daily. She uses processing and enjoys working with geometric forms — multiplying, dividing and colliding them. The animations she creates run on their own pace with no user input.

The differences between her work and Yen’s are the control over user input, along with the type of sensory experience you would expect to have — Sasj’s may be more visual, whereas Yen’s may be both visual and auditory. This may be an opportunity Sasj could have investigated in — incorporating input or sound into her work to make it more dynamic.


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