A work of net art that I came across during my research was Cyberfeminism by Cornelia Sollfrank. This piece of art consisted of Sollfrank generating 200+ fake female artist profiles to submit work in an early net art competition held by a museum in Germany. With the addition of her fake profiles, the museum reported that over 2/3 of the applicants were female. Even so, the top three winners were male artists. This piece was a statement to show how art was primarily judged by the profile of the artist rather than the piece itself.

I really enjoyed this piece because first, it was a very creative way to enter art into a competition – the pieces submitted were not the art, but rather, it was the profiles submitting them. Additionally, I appreciate that the profiles were generated rather than individually created by hand. I also appreciated that the statement comes across very clearly because the results speak for themselves. Sollfrank’s concept was proven and facilitated by the judges; she did not have to say anything in order for her statement to be said.