artist: ralf baecker
website: www.rlfbckr.org
title: random access memory

Turmite algorithm (based on a two dimensional operating system)

Random Access Memory is based on a binary system where the robot tries to fill up the system with as many “1”s as possible without overloading the system (1, being stone). These sand grains are placed in algorithmic placements as to create a sense of controlled randomness. It interests me to see the joining of simplicity and complexity through this project. The sand placement system is a fairly simple algorithm, however the result of the simple function is a complex grouping of grains spread out neatly in a disc formation that is ever-changing.

The artist, Ralf Baecker, is an artist that works to connect and intersect art, science, and technology. Through his works we are able to see both a technological aspect that shows the advancement of humanity, as well as traditional notions that keep us in touch with our history. In Random Access Memory, there is a mix of the two timelines which, I believe, brings us to ponder about how we should we advancing as people.

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