Ikrsek-Looking Outwards-03

Recently, Iris van Herpen had a show in the Carnegie Museum of art featuring a variety of futuristic looking, digitally fabricated fashion.
She is a fashion designer that wishes to marry code and fashion to create non-traditional clothing that seems to combat how we feel clothing should act and look in a wonderfully sci-fi way. She utilizes programming and code to 3-d print designs that seem to defy gravity and what we generally believe to be achievable in terms of physical form. The flexibility of the clothing itself comes from how it is printed; Iris used Stratasy’s Object Connex multi-material 3-d printer which allows for many different physical properties such as hardness/softness and movability to be built into the clothing item. Code controls what would otherwise be carefully carried out hand-embroidery and weaving/needlework, speaking to the endless possibilities ahead. Much of the pieces also completely eliminate seams and cuts, creating smooth, form-fitting architectural pieces of clothing through the delicate weaving and layering commanded by the code. The pictures really speak for themselves in this case, and it’s much more clear/easy to just show as opposed to trying to explain the strange phenomenon she creates visually with her coded clothing…





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