Looking Outwards 02 – Yugyeong Lee

As use of algorithm and integration of parametric design are deeply rooted into the design process in architecture, Aryan Shahabian, a researcher at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, developed an algorithm that can create over a billion distinct combinations of interlocking 3D objects inspired by Japanese joineries. Japanese architecture and contrstruction, from its past, has been known for its complex wood joineries that interlock and form bonds without the use of nails, screws or adhesives. This development of the new algorithm open up opportunities to allow artists to create free from structure with no reliance of use of nails and generate art through mastering complex wood joineries. This program would also naturally lead to easier fabrication when combined with machines such as laser cutters, CNC machines, and 3D printing. As an architecture student who have experienced several projects dealing with joinery system, this program would definitely help young architects like our selves to understand these complex joineries better as well as integrate it into the design process to allow flow of variety of different, unique forms.

link to article: http://www.archdaily.com/874153/this-satisfying-algorithm-combines-japanese-inspired-joints-to-generate-any-form

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