Connie – LookingOutwards – 03

A project that I found particularly inspiring was “Sketch Furniture” (beginning in 2005) by FrontDesign.

The generative furniture works that were created by FrontDesign artists. (Image Credit: Front)

I found this project to be intriguing for what the artists might have been aiming to convey; that is, that their project follows the complete process of creation: the birth of an idea or sketch, the execution of the movements tracked by the Motion Capture, and the final product materialized in the real world via Rapid Prototyping. It surprises me that this project is over 10 years old and it boggles my mind the kind of potential we have today when it comes to 3D-printing (especially with regards to better, more efficient, and more optimized programs and technological advances that permeate into other fields such as bioengineering, architecture, and fashion.)

As for algorithms, the programming involved with the Motion Capture must be able to track and follow the strokes of the artists as they sketch while being able to maintain that form, save it within a 3D print file, and consequently materialize the sketch accurately using a machine to provide Rapid Prototyping.

Note: Unlike some other projects, the exact process and/or code and exact machinery involved with the project was not disclosed.

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