Looking Outwards-03-Section D

99 Failures Pavilion

This is the 99 Failures Pavilion, a temporary pavilion which was named in support of the idea that failure is beneficial to knowledge and success. It was created by Architecture graduate students and design professionals at the Digital Fabrication Lab at the University of Tokyo in November of 2013.

Many structural models were tested in order to find the right geometry that would allow this flat, stainless steel to become sturdy in its 3D form.  The stainless steel sheets were then welded together and formed to mimic pillows. I find it fascinating that even steel can appear as soft as it does in this project. It looks weightless and balloon-like.

Another element that I believe has helped this pavilion’s success is the golden tree behind it. Since it’s autumn, the structure seems more like a shelter for the cold days to come, and makes the steel more comforting. This ability to transform a material is what I appreciate most about this work. Architecture should not only be about functionality, but also about creating spaces with feeling.

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