In 2014, the design studio Nervous System created a kinematic dress utilizing generative technology and 3D printing. To do this, the studio first created a program coined Kinematics Cloth App, a web application utilizing javascript with the ability to generate dresses, shirts, and skirts that could be printed in 3D. Through the app, users have the option to customize the pattern of the dress as well as the fit and style.

What first drew me to this project was the combination of computer generated art and fashion. Although it makes sense that algorithms and the like are capable of creating such pieces, it still amazes me to even think of how one would go about taking into consideration all of the combinations of shapes that could go into customization.

Not only this, but the way that the web app is designed allows for users who are inexperienced with CAD modeling. Having the ability to give accessibility to such advanced technology to the everyday person without losing the customizability of the designs seems simple in theory, but takes a lot of strategic design.

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