myoungsh looking outwards 3

I came to CMU with a background in product design and I did most of my work by hand in a metal and wood shop never really being able to make the leap to bigger CNC or printer type tools. I found a  Project, while it is an interesting application of CNC tools and a beautiful project what interested me most about it was the guy’s thoughts on how he was using the tools. He talked about how his use of the CNC tools allowed the project to be shared, meaning him posting the plans (files) he created and used for the project. I thought that was an interesting side to CNC machining because I am not so sure I 9would be willing to replace working with regular power tools or even could with now automated technology. I understand robotics work great for mass production and have personally used 3D printing as a great prototyping tool but neither have replaced hand craftsmanship in metal or wood for custom projects as far as I can tell.

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