“Sonic Pendulum” by Yuri Suzuki Design Studio in collaboration with QOSMO (2017)

Sonic Pendulum is a sound installation that utilizes artificial intelligence to create an endless soundscape. Inspired by the client’s new Audi A5 line, the installation is made up of 30 pendulums, which simulates sound through speakers and crowd movement. Networked camera and computer vision systems set up around the installation provides an understanding of the crowd size and movement, which directly correlates with the music volume, soundtrack, etc. I really admire how the artist wanted to create a form of conversation through movement and sound, where the installation is almost ‘activated’ by the visitors’ movement, and in turn responds with the most original sound that never repeats itself.

The AI algorithms used to create Sonic Pendulum was trained by a team to create an infinite composition, which reacted to movement in live space, creating moment-to-moment experiences. An application called MAXMSP was used to further train the algorithm, delivering compositions that matched the sound intensity of the space.

In terms of artistic sensibilities, not only did the studio require a working algorithm, they also had to consider space, scale, composition and rendering of installation, and also how the Audi cars aligned with the arrangement. What resulted were multiple triangular forms that encouraged interaction with passerby.




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