sunmink- Looking Outwards- 04

The origin of word ‘entropy’ came from the Greek word meaning transformation. The sound artist fraction collaborates with louis philippe starnault, naure graphique, and creation ex nihilo to perform a mesmerizing music installation. The installation that provides the sound includes over 6000 distinctive pixels that can transform on order.

When playing his music, fraction absorbs the audience by introducing them an intense-audio-visual experience. He usees sound spatialization, direct light, and projections to enable the audience to fully experience the ‘Entropia.’ I admire this artifact itself because it is an interactive product made by a collaboration of MadMapper, TouchDesigner, Resolume, MaxMsp, Ableton Live, Lemur and IanniX who created algorithms that can illuminate the spherical structure and also built RGB LED strip that is the skeleton of ‘entropy.’ The experience of ‘entropy’ is created through an algorithm that is programming signal based on the pressurized soundtrack. The signals are converted into noise and the luminous behavior during the performance.


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