Creator: Jing Zhang

Title of Work: Ford Fiesta

Year of Creation: 2016

Link to Project Work: http://www.mazakii.com/Ford-Fiesta

Link to Artist Bio: http://www.mazakii.com/About-Contact

Ford Fiesta is a commissioned illustration created by London-based Chinese designer, Jing Zhang. To develop this work, Zhang used 3/D rendering programs in Adobe Illustrator, modifying two-dimensional vector images (such as rounded rectangles) and putting them into isometric perspective. To animate the work, Zhang used keyframes in Adobe AfterEffects. Through loop-based algorithms, Adobe Illustrator creates vector-based elements that can be modified perspective-wise through the x, y, and z-axes.

As a designer focused on communications, Jing Zhang’s entire body of work serves as an influence in my work. I’m fascinated in what factors contribute to the believability and messages of two-dimensional images, as well as how concepts can be delivered and nuanced. The Ford Fiesta illustration is an example of this — Zhang emphasizes the car by shrinking the proportions of the architecture and using contrasting colors, which leads to our engagement with the images present in the animation.

Ford Fiesta — Jing Zhang

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