Connie – LookingOutwards – 05

I decided to look for 3D art that is meant to mimic the incredible intricacy of OUR real world. It’s easy to be amazed by how wonderful and creative the things in fantasy worlds are but I think that even “mundane” real life holds many wonders.

Architect and CGI artist, Ibrahim Saad from Cairo, Egypt uses a texture/material-adding software known as Substance created by a company known as Allegorithmic. Saad uses Substance Painter to actualize his project, the “Black & White Apartment (2017)” by using it to add incredible details to his models of everyday objects that really reflect everyday life in this apartment he has designed.

In this image, Saad uses the Substance texture features to be able to add even fingerprints to this model. (Credit: )

I find this project inspiring because his works are so beautiful and I am in awe of the capabilities of Substance to be able to add such a strikingly realistic and life-like quality to these models.

Examples of his work. (Credit:

From the dishevelment of the hammock to the cups and bowls stacked on top of the cabinets in the kitchen, there is something particularly beautiful of being able to capture “real life” in an honest visual that feels so real like you could feel the fabric of those pillows on the floor.

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