Looking Outwards 05 – Yugyeong Lee

Chaotic Atmospheres is a self-taught 3D artist who explores inspirational 3D environment, representing nature digitally. An example of his surreal landscape is “Shapes in Nature: Procedurally Eroded Terrains.” In this project, he used program known as World Machine to generate 3D Terrain which is then imported into Vue to explore eroded terrains. The project is so inspiring in its precision with incredible details and resolution to represent nature. Postwork was also done in Photoshop which reflect his effort to generate engaging 3D artwork. Not only creating surreal looking landscapes, his portfolio also had interesting projects such as “Alien Bonsais” that explores different software such as Substance Designer and Cinema 4D in texturing trees with extreme forms. The final renderings are done with such precision that they also look surreal with both fantasy-looking forms and realistic textures.

Portfolio Website: http://chaoticatmospheres.com/

Shapes in Nature: Procedurally Eroded Terrains

Alien Bonsais

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