Looking Outwards 08 – Yugyeong Lee

James George is a media artist and programmer who generate films, interactive installations, and software products advancing the art of the moving image. He created a new medium for cinematic expression through incorporating codes to bring volume to his films. In his presentation at Eyebeam Art + Technology, he talks about photography. In times where “ten percent of all photos were taken in the last twelve months,” he explores what that would mean for photographers in terms of their contribution to the data base. This leads to fascination with humans in digital space. One of the projects that reflects that interest was Depth Editor Debug which depicts fragments of candid photographs placed into a three dimensional space. By utilizing data from video game controller in combination with custom software, this project captures unique data from a depth-sensing camera and visualize people existing in their natural way in the virtual environment. Now the project has been developed to create films with the same concept and allow users to visualize data online. James George is admirable in the way he visualize and transform a typical photograph into an interactive form represented in physical space reflects his inquiry on humans in digital space. He also presented in a step by step process that brings the viewers to engage with the topic through the use of quotes and examples that reflect the purpose of these projects.

lecture: https://vimeo.com/channels/eyeo2015/134973504

website: http://jamesgeorge.org/

photographs of Depth Editor Debug project

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