Jdbrown – Looking Outwards 9 – Browns & Lozano-Hemmer

For the first interesting piece someone else has posted, I chose this work, posted by “HDW” and created by Daniel Browns. His work is really interesting – in particular this cover artwork that he did for William Gibson’s republished books. One of my favorite styles of geometric art is the “sprawling city” genre, used in Inception and Dr. Strange. So when I saw Browns’s work, I got very excited.

Another piece that I found interesting was Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s work on this algorithm that randomly deletes 1–10 friends from your Facebook profile, once installed. What’s interesting to me about this piece is its simplicity – the concept being, “would you notice the absence of this person if they were deleted without your knowledge?” It’s an interesting interrogation into modern friendships – what does it mean if you never notice one of your friends missing? This piece starts to ask that question.



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