//Steph Chun
//15-104 section #A

var img;

// load image
function preload() {
	var imageurl = "https://i.imgur.com/jYztupF.jpg";
  	img = loadImage(imageurl);

function setup() {
	createCanvas(500, 500);

function draw() {
	//array for the letters that comes up in random sizes and position
	//which spells out the name of my roomate in order
	var name = [];
	name[0] = "j";
	name[1] = "o";
	name[2] = "o";
	name[3] = "h";
	name[4] = "e";
	name[5] = "e";

	//the position of the letters
	var x = random(width);
	var y = random(height);

	//assigning colors to the letters according to the pixel of the image
	var ix = constrain(floor(x), 0, width-1);
	var iy = constrain(floor(y), 0, height-1);
	var dotcolor = img.get(ix, iy); 

	//letters of random sizes that shows up constantly
	textSize(random(10, 30));
	text(name[frameCount%6], x, y);

	//text that follows the mouse
 	var mousecolor = img.get(mouseX, mouseY);
 	text("I don't know man", mouseX, mouseY);


I made a portrait of my roommate, Joohee, out of the letters of alphabet in her name and the phrase that she uses a lot. I wanted to somewhat capture her personality through this project, by the photo I chose and the text in a more minimal way. Below are the original photo and different experiments that I’ve done, only with text.

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