Landscape Abbreviated

This installation is a mechanic garden that forms a kinetic maze including modular pieces and rotating planters. the planters are made up with moss collected from the sides of buildings. The artist, Nova Jiang, wanted to create a piece that makes the space and time dynamics unpredictable. The planters are controlled by a computer software that generates new maze patterns based on mathematics, making the audience experience the space in different ways as they walk through it to interact with the piece.

This piece is amazing as it touches on not only technology but also art, 3D installation, and architectural landscape design. I find it very intriguing in the way she organizes space that engages the audience using a computer algorithm.

Nova Jiang is a Chinese artist based in Los Angeles from Auckland, New Zealand. She creates immersive, open-systems in her art work that encourages creative participation from her audience. She obtained her MFA in Media Art from UCLA.


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