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SUPERHYPERCUBE (published in autumn 2016) by Kokoromi collective 


SUPERHYPERCUBE is a VR “first-person perspective” 3D puzzle game developed by Kokoromi collective, and Heather Kelly is a member of this group. In this game, the player needs to switch the direction of a shape in order to go through different panels.

Heather Kelley

SUPERHYPERCUBE was a VR game with a high-stylized art style and interesting first-person perspective interaction. I enjoyed watching the gameplay video of this game, the sharp sound effect response and simple but modern visual design offer a very clear yet attractive world for the game. I like how this game combining first-person perspective and VR puzzle solving together. The whole game was a simple but funny VR game experience.

Heather is Adjunct Faculty at the Entertainment Technology Center, at Carnegie Mellon University. Heather’s extensive career in the games industry has included design and production of AAA next-gen console games, interactive smart toys, handheld games, research games, and web communities for girls. She was named as one of the five most powerful women in gaming by Inc. magazine in 2013.

Here is the promo video of SUPERHYPERCUBE:


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