ljkim looking outward 10

Wirel by Tina Frank.

“Tina Frank is a graphic designer and media artist aswell as professor for graphic design at the University of Art and Design in Linz, Austria. Her roots are in webdesign and cover designs for experimental electronic music during the mid 1990’s when she also started to work with digital realtime-visualisation, video & multimedia. The focus of her work lies in Print, Corporate Design, Signage Systems and within the experimental field of music visualisations.”

For this looking outward, I wanted to focus on Tina Frank. WIREL (short for WIEN / vienna and RELIGION) is a research project visualizing the increasing religious diversity in Vienna.

I appreciate her work because she was able to take something sterile and, dare I saw boring, into beautiful infographics. Being able to supply information but in an aesthetic manner is truly what I think is good design. Where as her work is less creative, I appreciate how she is able to delicately talk about religion.

I appreciate this post being dedicated to women, but I wish it didn’t have to still be an issue to shed a light on women not being appreciated in tech/cs.

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