Social Soul by Lauren McCarthy , Kyle McDonald and MKG 2014

Lauren McCarthy is an artist focus on social and techonolgy. Kyle McDonald is an artist focus on code. MKG is a creative agency specialize in branding.

Social Soul was an immersive digital experience created for Delta Airlines at TED 2014 and was inspired by the question “how does it feel to be inside someone else’s social media stream?”. It’s an space and media projection experience of one’s twitter streams in 360 degree surrounding mirror, monitor, and sound space.

I am intrigued by the unexpected approach on presenting social media physically larger than human scale. People use social media so often daily on their phones and computers, which are always on screens that are smaller than human scale. The scale difference makes people feel the autonomy over social media. Standing in the Social Soul space, I imagining myself feeling overwhelmed. It gives people the sense of they have no control of the endlessly replicants of informations and time. The experience is a metaphor of how powerful social media can be. The mirror is the physical metaphor of replicating information infinitely.



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