For the final project, Hae Wan and I plan on collaborating on making generative graphic design. We have access to a domain name, so we plan on making this generative design program a web experience people can use. Specifically, we are interested in the generative designs to be used as greeting cards, which the user can print out or send the digital interactive version. The latter may give us opportunity to use sound. Design studio Muir Mcneil and School of Design alumnae Rachel Cheng have both worked with generative graphic design pieces.

Rachel’s following project builds a set grid system that varies based on pre-determined parameters. I think her logic behind the program system is quite robust, and we have an opportunity to improve upon it by adding randomness with various random and noise functions.

Above: examples of generative posters from her system

Above: her parameter system for generating posters

Muir Mcneil emphasizes geometry and patterns in their work, with the use of repeated lines and circles similar to past projects Hae Wan and I have done with turtles and pixels recognition. At a glance, their work has a certain tone to it that may not fit “greeting cards”, so we have room to explore how varying color, lines, or even mimicking real life shapes would have a clearer theme.

Above: screenshot of sample work from their portfolio website

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