mmirho – Looking outwards 03 – Computational Fabrication

This project is called the “Silk Pavillion”.

It was constructed, frame wise, with a CNC mill, and then spun using a threading device based off an algorithm. I don’t know the algorithm type that generated the organization of the thread, but I do know it’s designed to create an even spread and to form even, circular holes in the structure of each frame.

I think this is an incredible use of parametric design because it uses an extremely nature-based construction process. The designers used 6500 silkworms to construct the finer layer of the pavilion and created something incredible.

I think the artist’s sensibilities were based off two things: The algorithm, and nature. Neither can be fully predicted with the human mind and so the artist understood fully that the final product would be completely unpredictable to every fine detail. He did understand the type of structure that would result, as well as the texture and feel it would create because he still designed the overall structure.

I think sometimes, parametric design lacks a natural, human element to it, but this project incorporated nature in such a direct way that it avoided that common pitfall.


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