jennyzha – Looking Outwards 04

Carsten Nicolai is a german artist and musician based in berlin. He often incorporates mathematic patterns such as grids and codes, as well as error, random and self-organizing structures.

For his musical attributes he uses the pseudonym alva noto; leading his sound experiments into the field of electronic music by creating his own code of acoustics and visual symbols.

Reflektor distortion is a rotating, basin filled with water – is inspired by the shape of a parabolic mirror that ‘rotates’ water. The installation consists of the three main parts including mirror, reflection and distortion. Both the curve and distortion of the water is affected by speed and integrated resistors that generate a permanently new and re-organizing mirror reflection. The water surface will be affected by the speaker due to the low sound frequencies. Therefore, the water shows the distorted reflection; ultimately personifying a distorted reality. 

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