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Nature and Humans Harmonize in a Symphony of Architectural Sound

Wunderbugs by OFL Architecture in Rome, Italy

Wunderbug is a installation that explored connection between human and nature. The pavilion has 6 plastic spheres inside of circular wall. Each sphere contains small terrarium and insects. The pavilion is equipped with a series of Arduino sensors to detect motion of insects as well as weather data, which is programmed to record changes and produce a soundtrack of data. I think the way OFL Architecture approaches to nature is interesting because they focused on acoustic quality of nature and how the sound is not only interactive with humans but also with the insects, the nature. I admire how they closely looked into motion of each insect and how they produce tactile experience  for humans not only through visual installation but also through sound effect. It would be a valuable lesson that the nature is not just a beautiful picture frame that people just look at, but it has life and constantly produce small changes even though changes are too subtle to notice.

I think it could be more intersecting to see visual changes of the pavilion based on those data. Perhaps, the facade of the pavilion could be interactive according to the insect motion data. On the other side, the visual quality of the pavilion could be related to sound that is being generated.

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