Sheenu-Looking Outwards-05

These are multiple abstract images created by a freelance artist online named Filip Hodas in 2015.

These images were made using Cinema 4D, Octane, Zbrush, World Machine, and Xparticles. While the images were mostly made by hand using 3D modeling, some organic and natural looking parts of some of the images were made using a noise function. Mountains, germs, or particles were made using a noise function.

What I absolutely love about these images is not only the abstract shapes and imaginative transformations of nature, but also the colors, lighting and shading. These pictures all use such vibrant, colorful, modern, and eye-catching color palettes that I absolutely love. The abstractions look so real and almost believable as if these were physically made with clay rather than on a computer. What makes these pictures great is how eye-catching and eye pleasing they are. It’s definitely something that deserves to be hung on a wall.

Author: Sheenu You

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