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Irrational Geometrics, 2005-2015,by PASCAL DOMBIS

Pascal Dombis is a French visual artist. He has an art style of whose unpredictable and dynamic visual forms, and he uses the technology a lot, like programs to generate repetitive shapes, lines, patterns and so on for his works. Irrational Geometrics is one of the works with the classic unpredictable generated art style. This piece of arts explored the relationship and development of straight lines and curves, as it was described “When you take a line fragment and give it a stretch, as you do with the string of a bow, the first result is a curve, then a circle and in case you go for it, endlessly, the ultimate artefact is a line again.” The best part of this art installation was the interaction between the audience and the projection. Once the rope was pulled, the whole wall started to change. Thousands of millions of carves were moving, rotating and changing on the wall as you controlled.  Pascal Dombis used the algorithm to generate all the lines and curves as well as their movements.

For more information, please go to: http://dombis.com/works/irrational-geo/


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