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Kate Sicchio

Photo of Kate Sicchio

Kate Sicchio is a choreographer, media artist, and performer. She is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in Integrated Digital Media at New York University. Kate’s Ph.D. focused on the use of real-time video systems within live choreography and the conceptual framework of ‘choreotopolgy’ a way to describe this work. She works on exploring the interface between choreography and technology. Her works show a very interesting relationship between dance and technology.

I admire the way she tries to re-think the choreography of dance and transform it into another technical form.  “Hacking the Body” is one of her projects, in which she and other artists explored the interaction between dances and wearable technology. In “Hacking the Boday 2.0”, two wearables were designed to put on two dancers body when they performed. The wearables transformed the movements from dancers to signals and turned them into sounds. This research was described as “using the concept of hacking data to re-purpose and re-imagine biofeedback from the body.” This project showed an impressive possibility of how to combine live-performance and real-time technology together. It is a great inspiration for people to think about the messages from the human body in a different way.

She usually performs her works with dancers with wearables or other devices together. She used visual and audio feedback as the outward performance for the technical part. By watching the live performance with the real-time technical feedback, the audience can get a sense of connection between these two aspects.

This is the eyeofestival page and speech video for Kate Sicchio.

Kate Sicchio


Here is the video of “Hacking the Boday 2.0”

If you want to know more, please go to her website: http://blog.sicchio.com/biog/

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