For this weeks looking outward post, I chose to look at Jesse Louis-Rosenberg and Jessica Rosenkrantz’s (both co-founders) speech where they talked about the work of their design studio, Nervous System.

Jesse Louis-Rosenberg

Jesse is an artist, computer programmer and maker who studied math at MIT.

Jessica Rosenkrantz

Jessica is a designer, programmer and artist who architecture and biology at MIT. They began by introducing their background and explaining the main three areas of focus that the projects of their studio stems from: science and nature, digital fabrication and co-creation. Their project, the hyphae lamps, was their initial example of combining science and natural patterns with digital fabrication.

Hyphae Lamps

Using their various projects, the two co-founders go on to describe their design ideals and the design philosophy of their company, having a huge focus on new technology and the interaction of digital fabrication and technology with nature and design. Throughout their presentation, they describe various design problems and challenges they faced and the solutions they created, connecting the solution to other new problems in order to transition from topic to topic.


Eyeo 2015 – Jesse Louis-Rosenburg and Jessica Rosenkrantz from Eyeo Festival // INSTINT on Vimeo.

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