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Diesel: New Natures SS16 project (2016) by FIELD

Vera-Maria Glahn is a co-founder of FIELD, a specialised creative studio in London that combines art and technology to create immersive audio-visual experiences. She worked as the executive producer for FIELD’s Diesel: New Natures SS16 project, one of my favorite works created by the studio. Commissioned by Diesel, it is a series of films that was created for the company’s NYC flagship store retail installation. Through the minimal graphical interventions in tropical scenery, the short films discuss the obsessions of our digital culture and our failure to recognize the natural beauty of our surroundings. The work has not only made me reflect on the issue, but also successfully engaged me with its visual elements. I especially loved how point-of-view shots were used to allow the viewer to enter the space created by the project. However, I am confused as to how this project relates to the Diesel and its products. A brief explanation would have been beneficial.

Interview with Vera-Maria Glahn

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