mmirho – Looking Outwards 10 – is a project developed by Mary Flanagan. The project is an exploration of the South Korean city of Songdo, a planned international metropolis developed by Gale International. The city is designed to be perfect. Mary modeled it in the program Sims 2, and I personally respect this because it takes the enormous scale project of building a city, and boils it down to a simple generated simulation. If the design is so “Perfect” then let’s see what happens when people are put there. It’s almost a culture test, rather than just a theoretical prediction.

Mary Flanagan is an inventor, artist, writer, and designer that creates games, installations, poetry, and essays. I’m unsure as to where she studied, but she has presented at a wide range of top universities and is very active in general with all of her writing and artistic creation.

Here’s a link to the project on her page:


Here’s the video link:


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