hyt-Project-12: Final Proposal

For the final project, my initial idea is to create an interactive, animation-like game that aims to raise awareness for those affected by ALS. In the game that I am envisioning, I want to create a set of actions the users can interact with the “person” — cleaning, patting, hugging, etc. Since the person will be automatically set to blue-ish color, signifying his coldness as ice cracks climbs up to his feet, these set of actions will activate warmness to take away his pale blue colors and turn his body into warmer hues, signifying his rise of vitality. The source of warmness will come from his animated heart, and the users would have to occasionally interact with the “person” for a better mood and vitality.

Even though at this point I am not yet sure about how to execute it, I hope to learn more about creating animation in P5.JS, as well as different mouse functions that could optimally turn the mouse shape into customized patterns. Below is a visualized sketch for what I am thinking right now.

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