mmirho – Looking Outwards 8 – BioPhilia

I watched and studied Scott Snibbe, and his 2012 lecture. Scott is an artist/developer that works in augmented reality, interactive interfaces, interactive art, and digital video. He lives in San Fransisco, currently works at Facebook as a project manager, and studied at Brown University in computer science. Scott describes himself as a pioneer in interactivity and augmented reality.

Among his many projects, I appreciated the depth he explored interactivity in an app he helped construct called Biophilia. It’s an interactive album built into an app format, so that you, as the listener, can manipulate the music in a way that makes it never the same, and different depending on the user. I really appreciate how relaxing and sane and normal everything feels in the interaction. Scott describes it as similar to nature and natural interaction, and that’s how it was deliberately designed. It’s simple, satisfying, and obvious as to the purpose.

In his presentation, I observed how Scott stayed simple. He didn’t delve too immensely far into any one theory, or concept, or piece of his work to the point where I and everyone else could easily understand what he was saying and what he meant. There was nothing intimidating about what he did, and even if he put years of his life into a piece he explained it plainly and simply. Hopefully, I can explain some of what I build the same way, to allow everyone to understand.

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