Big Snake

This project is meant to channel the very relatable moment when you wake up one day to find that a giant snake has broken into your house (or rather through your house) and is refusing to leave. Why is it here? What does it want? Will your insurance pay to fix the whole in your wall?

The following video contains a lot of swearing:


Justaline was not really working for me. I really struggled to make something.

I would like to try and make a structure that someone could potential pass under and look up. THe structure would be of various trees with glass like leaves so that when a person is under it they can see the filtered light from it come through.

04 – lookingoutwards

I chose to look at dear angelica. This is a VR storytelling experience that takes you through a story about a girl and her mother bringing you through a series of 2D drawing that have been adapted and animated within a VR space to make it seem like you are exploring the drawings and give the user a different experience. I really liked this project because it showed a really interesting way in which 2D and 3D can be combined in a VR space. It was a also a narratively driven project which I am really interested in and would love to see more of in a VR space.

OodBird – unityessentials

part 1

didn’t require anything to be done

part 2

didn’t require anything to be done

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

after part 6 my computer crash and the scene did not save. I restarted but did not bother putting all the fences back up

part 7

part 8

part 9

part 10

part 11

part 12

part 13

part 15

part 14 and 16 I had problems with my computer and loading animation and exporting so they are not finished


One idea that I thought was very interesting from the john Oliver video, although it was touched upon in a few other texts too is the idea that AI is commonly seen as purely objective. often people will view the product of some AI as proof to a statement rather than a product of inherent biased .

Another interesting point that was made in quite a few texts was the idea of universality in machine learning and AI. A lot of machines are not trained on wide cultural or racial background. This then favors people of a certain race or culture that would otherwise not be, and makes their life much easier when it comes to this piece of technology.


Crying Eyes

Do ever want people to know your crying while also covering up that ugly crying face of yours? Well now there’s a solution! Just use this snapchat lenses to let people know you’re crying while protecting them from horrifying sight of your crying face.