ClearViewAI  really stood out to me since its a technology than can be so easily abused. The unpreparedness of its CEO also made me really concerned since this technology seems extremely dangerous in the hands of the wrong people. This particular point also really emphasizes the importance ethnical computing.

Algorithmic bias also really stood to me and to me highlights the quick need for diversity in the technology we develop.


  1. Facial recognition algorithms used in policing are entirely based on training data. Preexisting racial bias in police provided data is contributing to weaponizing facial recognition to target poor people and minorities. Furthermore, because computer algorithms are “logical” and “correct” it canonizes biases.
  2. I like the toast fooling the facial recognition algorithms. It reminds me of “adversarial machine learning” where structured noise can completely fool a facial recognition model. It points out the flaws in these systems and makes it clear they are far from perfect.


One idea that I thought was very interesting from the john Oliver video, although it was touched upon in a few other texts too is the idea that AI is commonly seen as purely objective. often people will view the product of some AI as proof to a statement rather than a product of inherent biased .

Another interesting point that was made in quite a few texts was the idea of universality in machine learning and AI. A lot of machines are not trained on wide cultural or racial background. This then favors people of a certain race or culture that would otherwise not be, and makes their life much easier when it comes to this piece of technology.



Based on the readings last week, I wanted to create a mask that would allow people to protect their faces from facial recognition companies as a form of protest.

(I applied this animation I made on p5.JS onto the face mask, and applied the ‘Luminosity’ overlay to remove the colors.)




For my mask project, I created a strange, semi-translucent mask that turns you into some sort of alien insect. 

When I was creating this mask, I was really interested in the idea of transparency, where I wanted to create a mask that masks your face, but doesn't remove all the underlying structure. The mask I created was taken from a Jello feature in Lens Studio, but distorted and transformed so that it would look more like a gas mask/face mask. I then applied a filter that gives the screen a smoky and grainy texture that works well with the translucent mask. I also added an eyeball, with the pupil being a shape of a face.


Open Mouth



Crying Eyes

Do ever want people to know your crying while also covering up that ugly crying face of yours? Well now there’s a solution! Just use this snapchat lenses to let people know you’re crying while protecting them from horrifying sight of your crying face.




A little bit off then what I expected, but I’m satisfied with the amount of new things I’ve learned & tried.

Before motion (mouth open):

After motion (mouth open):

Original render image:

(Somehow one of the texture files looked different in Lens Studio than in Blender…)