Summer Survey Questions

Concerns from the pre-semester survey

  • I’m anxious about rendering projects — all I have is a Macbook pro, and I know from the past experiences (Blender, Premiere Pro, etc.) that it usually takes forever to render or doesn’t render after all the time it has taken.
  • It is quite hard for me to pay attention to recordings of classes, but I’ve been getting more used to it.
  • I’m worried that I my programming skills will not be good enough for this class or will be lacking compared to my peers. Additionally, I’m not very knowledgeable about the programs often used for art and programming .
  • Afraid i’m not creative enough. 🤡
  • I’m pretty rusty on my coding skills and the last time I seriously coded was during spring semesters. Additionally I’ve never worked with JavaScript so I might explore the language and see what similarities it has with python and C.
  • I’m a bit anxious about how the course will be carried out as a remote class.
  • I’m anxious about finding errors in tech related work without access to in-person assistance
  • I’m primarily concerned about my technical skills. I haven’t practiced programming enough to express my ideas fluently.
  • most concerned about using software Im unfamiliar with and that my machine can’t handle
  • i’m anxious about the programming part but at the same time i really want to learn it!
  • I’m anxious about whether or not I will pick-up skills in javascript quickly.
  • I’m concerned about the programming part of the course, since I don’t have a lot of experience with JavaScript.

Questions from the pre-semester survey

  • I know that in one of the emails from the cfa, it said that we wouldn’t have 3 hour zoom sessions. I’m curious about when class with other students will happen and if we’ll have one on one time.
  • I’m curious about the hardware (Google pixel 4 😯) we are going to use.
  • One of my friends showed me one of their projects they worked on in this class where they used an Arduino. I’m curious about how we will get access to physical computing materials if we want to use them in a project
  • I wonder how peer learning will unfold in remote settings.
  • how my artwork will change with my knowledge of creative programming and interactivity.
  • I’m curious about how this course will help me with exploring HCI.
  • I wonder if there’s new additions/changes in topics of the course now that we’re fully remote!