mokka- ARSculpture

“Get outta bed, you fool.”

Here, I intend the video to be played in a loop to convey that repetition of how I move around the house every day.

The video may seem too short to convey an entire day, but that is exactly how I feel about each day. Every day is fleeting, yet every day has become a viciously, unmotivating cycle. Doing the same things every day isolated from online school makes me unwilling to push myself to work sometimes. Despite this feeling, I wanted to utilize these coins that track my movement/tasks to somehow reward myself for even getting up out of bed and trying my best to do the things I need to do and want. I place each coin for things I must do in the day and things I feel are so easy, yet hard to get myself doing.

mokka – ARSketches

  1. Blinking/flashing hands

    I rarely leave my room so… I thought of the things that I interact with on an average day(my laptop, chair, desk, light switch, etc.) and I imagined blinking/flashing handprints on the areas I interact with the most on an average day. Almost like (!)pings for tasks in a game. Inspired by my very own window:

    dirty window :”D
  2. Spinning coins leads me to my daily morning coffee.
    Path of the coins(represented as static circles for now) example:
    Just using this as a way to remind myself that even just getting up and making a simple coffee should feel like a reward.
  3. Ghost?
  4. Me + Tree: One Day – a last minute idea just came up(hideous sketch ahead): a figure just lying against a tree in my backyard asleep.

mokka- Assemblage

I used David O’Reilly’s Everything Consumables libraries and took some things and also deconstructed a model of Turtwig(a Pokémon) and assembled them together which soon became an odd bird that has the eyes of a pigeon.

My Unity Recorder would either crash the whole program or would produce empty files so I just had to manually pan around the model… 🙁 (Hoping to fix this issue soon)

mokka – UnityScripting

  1. Horizontal Movement with Boundaries
  2. Launching a Projectile
    Proof of DestroyOutOfBounds on the Animals
  3. Random Animal Selection
  4. Spawn Animals at Intervals
  5. Primitives

mokka- PhazeroVideo

I can definitely say I resonate with the aesthetics and just the way that she crafts(conceptually and physically) her projects. I was nodding throughout the whole video because there were so many elements I thought the same way even in my own process of creating. Although I have not entered into creating a VR experience myself for my artwork, there seems to be a deep connection with installation and imaging that I definitely fell in love with her work. I also appreciate the idea that these emotional experiences whether they are traumatic or not are meant to be explored no matter the fear they might invoke in someone.

Random comment: I love how she mentions/considers the hyper-masculinity that exists within the game industry within her work.

mokka- Looking Outwards 05

Das Is – Virtual Reality Therapy

Better Look at the project on Chelley Sherman’s website

Das Is is a piece where the audience is in a space where they have lost their sense of “being” and/or “thingness” but still being able to communicate with the space. Chelley bases this idea off of the therapeutic process called EMDR where you reprocess traumatic imagery. Basically, her project allows the player/user to explore an afterlife shifting through space through portals as their very own disembodied self. To give some background, Chelley Sherman often studies neuroscience and psychoacoustics and utilizes them in her artwork.

What I particularly like about this work is the fact that the player/user is put in a position where they feel like they are physically confronting death and the idea of mortality. They travel across this surreal landscape containing these diverse planes of memories and sensory fragments(audio, visual).

mokka – Unity Essentials

Here are my receipts!!(Warning: MEsSY)

Watch completion proof:

Learning about GameObjects (Empty) and assets creation:

I played around with the sample models AND some downloaded 3D models/materials from free model websites. Played around with shortcuts.

Learning about Prefabs: Office Books

Using ProBuilder

adding wood material to the fences 😀

Bouncy Ball Physics 😀

FPS Controller

Adding Colliders

Adding Audio

coffee maker
tv music 😀

(There is also outside environment sound but I felt there were too many screenshots already)



Particle System

– From here, everything started freaking out; I became overwhelmed