marimonda – ARSketch.

I have 3 mains ideas for this project, I only  used JustALine in one of them because I found the process of using this app insanely difficult since my sketches would get deleted, and I would not be able to save the videos directly into my images. I’m assuming they would save to my google drive but when I checked they were not there.

    1. Peculiar lifeforms
      1. Bizzare organic creatures, ideally bugs, slimes, spirits or other sort of soft/sharp and weird things springing up to live in random corners as you walk through a neighborhood. I like the idea of very small organisms being able to be seen only with your phone camera.
      2. The main scripting behavior for this I want to play around with is the spawning and movement of the creatures.
        1. It would be nice to have some sort of responsive behavior, maybe they approach certain objects.
      3. Sketches
        1. I tried to use Justaline to draw this but it didn’t really look great. I retook the video a lot of times and it doesnt look great but I do have tons of sketches.
        2. This image (1) below shows some of my process in ideating the mushrooms, It is a little unclear but essentially it shows street corners.
        3. Refined digital sketch:
    2. Upside down view
      1. This is a very very basic Idea I have, and my process is shown above with the first idea as (2). It would be nice yo have an app that requires human input/interaction in such a way that requires movement. I think Id like to make an app that allows people to place objects upside down and to see them, it would require the person to move in this way. I don’t have much to show about this frankly. But I thought it would be cool to bring up.
    3. “Reforestator” Lol
      1. I am sort of thinking about the artificial trees in the Lorax for this one. Miami/South Florida in general has had a lot of urban development and gentrification through the past few years. Many protected areas of land have gotten their trees cut down and destroyed. I thought it would be interested to make an AR app that spawned trees wherever the camera detected an empty plot of land. These trees wouldn’t look realistic at all, but rather blank, standard-texture (or maybe a shiny texture like glass or water), and as you walk through them they have some sort of response (ex. perhaps you can tear them down with a tap. or you can add a texture to them).
      2. Sketches: I know its not too clear what is happening in my sketch but essentially trees are outside of a person, and maybe you can place them down.
      3. Refined digital sketch: