For my AR project, I have a few ideas that are just humorous and light-hearted:

Idea #1: Is there bubblegum stuck to your shoe, or is the shoe stuck to the bubblegum?
  • Following my previous artworks and sculptures that were digitally built, I generally love making organic, bubbled, almost grotesque shapes, so that’s how I would like to construct my chewed bubblegum
  • The sculpture’s size would be gigantic compared to the shoe that it will on/almost swallowing
  • I was deciding on the location, and I think either just on a sidewalk (like I just found I stepped on bubblegum) or next to my house’s shoe shelf.
  • For the programmed action, I’m kinda stumped on this but I was thinking when you get closer, it swallows the shoe whole? Or just disappears when you click it (that’s kinda boring though).

Idea #2: Help! I think there’s a monster haunting me!
  • Again another organic, bubbly shape
  • Size: gigantic and bigger than a person
  • Location: I think just in my home and using my family as my subjects being haunted by this creature
  • Programmed action: I don’t know if this counts as an action, but I was thinking maybe if you click on it, it makes a weird monster noise. Another idea is swallowing the person.
  • Problem: I don’t know if it’s possible/if I know how to implement a way to detect a person’s silhouette?
  • I can see myself having a lot of fun with making a performance for the documentation video with this idea

Sketches: I tried using just a line to sketch my ideas, but it just didn’t work out since my sculpture ideas are all organic shapes