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I want chicken for dinner. In – N – Out is closed. The Girl Scouts cookies are nowhere to be found. It’s supposed to snow tonight and my tires on my Tahoe are supposed to be the right size, I need to get new windshield wipers, and we need to start Christmas shopping. And then I got an email from our real estate agent and she says our stuff is DONE! There were a few things that had to be fixed in the house and we didn’t get to sign the lease agreement. Bummer. We will get it tomorrow or Monday. Woo hoo! However,
– I love the energy produced here. Most of these sentences had nothing to do with chicken or dinner but were very entertaining to read! The last “However,” is such a mystery to me; I don’t know how to react to it.

I hate people. It’s like they think if they have an opinion, I have to hear it, and if I don’t agree I have to scream my head off and curse them out and all sorts of shit. It really makes me mad. I actually stopped in at work today because I needed to refill my Dunkin ‘Dogs, and I mentioned to my supervisor that I wasn’t feeling well. And it’s not that I want sympathy, I’m sick of hearing about it. I’m already sick of the flu. If someone is sick, they need to stay home. All the rest of us should have
– First of all, the words generated felt angrier than how I was initially feeling, to be honest. Second, Dunkin ‘Dogs??

OodBird – checkin


In the game the user gets to interact with an animated cat by swiping to make it do different actions. With the current animations, the user would swipe right or left to make the cat roll over in that direction and taps to make them stand up. However they will be doing no such thing as I broke my code last night. Instead the user can click the right half to make the cat roll right, the left half of the screen to make the cat roll left and drag to make the cat stand up.

miniverse-soli-checkin check in



The user is “god”.  If they swipe, they unleash a plague onto their believers.

right now I worked out the collision physics but I need to import some assets to make the plagues functional and the background pretty. (replace the black circles with hail, frogs, locusts, flies).

Laundry list of tasks in order of importance:

  • make perspective less western
  • make/import assets for: hail, frogs, locusts, flies
  • switch out circles for hail and frogs
  • cut springs to make the “death” of characters
  • hook up swarming demo for locusts and flies plague
  • make a sun, let it break for the darkness plague
  • import clothing assets and more traditionally female looking body parts
  • make animals? for the animal pestilence plague


The first two ideas are entirely visual and responds to the hand swiping motion.



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For this one, I think there are lots of opportunities for details to animate the tilt of boat, ripples in the water, rising sun, etc.

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I wanted to have random nasty things thrown on the car window, and users can activate the car wiper by hand swiping motion.

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This concept incorporates presence, swipe, and time. Users start with an egg that will eventually hatch with ones presence, which will also impact the background color to become warmer (the eggs need to be kept warm for them to hatch). Once the egg hatches, the user can interact with little ducklings with hand swiping gestures to play. The duckling needs a certain amount of love and care to mature. Lastly, when the duck grows up, it will lay eggs and users can choose to restart the game by clicking on an egg. Or, users can remain in this stage and interact with grown duck.






I must admit what compelled me most about this project was the visuals, both in the way it was documented and in the way in the sculpture itself. The lighting reminds of old movies with very harsh and artificial lighting and also desaturates all the colors making everything almost like a black and white film. I do not know what this would look like in person but in the documentation it looks very beautiful and compelling.

I think the construction of the piece is also interesting. The way the light reflects off the bottles makes them look like glass and gives them a sort of superficial or artificial elegance. Like they are being disguised as glass.

I appreciate the functionality of this piece as a sort of giant clock. Its subtle way of showing the passage of time really makes one think about our own lives.


Compton’s 10,000 bowls of oatmeal problem describes a big difficulty for artists dealing with generators. That is, it is all too easy to generate artifacts that, though distinct from one another, don’t vary in any significant ways from one another. In other words, the audience doesn’t care that each one is different if the audience cannot tell that they are unique in any interesting ways.

This doesn’t exactly matter when artists are dealing with things that don’t have to necessarily seem all too different from one another. If things are presented physically apart from one another, their similarity isn’t immediately clear or even important to a viewer.

When things are presented as a collection of artifacts, close to one another either physically or temporally, this becomes more of an issue.

Dealing with order might be an interesting way to overcome some minor instances where this occurs—figuring out which artifacts are interesting near other artifacts and modifying the generator to emphasize that. With each generation, some quality could be gradually changed. The result would be a gradation of objects that, when viewed as a whole, are interesting.

OodBird – LookingOutwards01

I absolutely love the interactive piece “What Will Football Look Like in The Future” by Jon Bois. It completely changed the way I think about interactive story telling and you can communicate ideas with your audience. The story itself is too long and complicated for me to explain entirely, but its basically a discussion of future earth by a bunch of sentient space probes. One of my favorite parts of this piece in right at the beginning, where the viewers frame of reference for time is completely changed by the Bois, who presents the passage of decades through seemingly never ending completely blank calendar that the viewer has to scroll through in order for the story to progress. 

To the best of my knowledge I think this piece was made by the author on their own, though the work is hosted on Jon Bois is a sports writer and video producer, but has made seemingly no other work that is comparable to this one in term of medium.