Creature Clock

11:36 PM
Through my clock, I wanted to combine the mechanical mechanisms we use to measure time with organic and biological measures of time. I decided that my clock should be a creature that resembles ocean microorganisms. I intended for the clock to not be readable, rather I wanted to make a clock that would be mesmerizing to look at. However, it does count 15 seconds and has a sort of biological rhythm. CODE
EDIT NOTES: The newest version of this clock creature has debris in the background to situate the creature in an environment. Additionally, the framing of the "camera" zooms in and out throughout the hour. I also fixed several bugs I found with jarring discontinuities between certain time intervals.
Clock at Several Times*
*These GIFs are from version 2

My major struggle with this work was creating an organic feel. My initial design (see v1) felt too mechanical and were not what I had envisioned. I eventually settled for the creature I currently have. I think that my goal for it to "evolve" over days, months, years may have been a bit too ambitious. Perhaps I could have played around with the creature's behavior more than I did.

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